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  • Trend Report: Tribal Fever S/S 2016

    S/S 2016 make up is all about bold lips or excessive eyes... Take your nails to the wild side with [...]

  • Get Your Glow Back!

    We've said goodbye to bright warm days, and started feeling the colder darker days of winter and [...]

  • Colour Therapy

    Colour therapy is based on the colours of the different chakras located in the body. Some believe [...]

  • Believe In Your #Selfie

    The word ‘selfie’ has quickly become part of our daily speech. We often hear it on TV [...]

  • Seeing Red

    Red nails are back on trend, if you ask me this staple nail shade never really goes out of style [...]

  • Sweet Smell Of Success

    If you don’t know the difference between your top and base notes or maybe fragrance [...]

  • New Season Hand & Nail Care

    Autumn is almost upon us and that means winter is on the way so we will soon be feeling the [...]

  • Polish Like A Pro!

    Find out how you can make your nails look their absolute best with my top tips to help you perfect [...]

  • Get In Shape

    Read on to find out what the most popular nail shapes may say about you and how to get that perfect [...]

  • Are You A Goddess?

    A Goddess is a woman that is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all [...]

  • Top Tanning Tips

    Get the most natural looking self tan with my top tanning tips - from [...]

  • Flip Flop Friendly Feet!

    People tend to neglect their feet. Walking around with neglected feet stuffed into boots or [...]

  • Get Lippy

    Welcome to my very first blog post!  I am hoping that this post will be one [...]

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