Colour therapy is based on the colours of the different chakras located in the body. Some believe that doses of certain colours can balance chakras that have become out of line from illness or stress. Whether or not you believe it, colour therapy for nails is a fun way to discover new nail shades that might even make you feel better.

 Here's my take on 'Nail' Colour Therapy

  • ORANGE for energy. A splash of arrange will bring optimism your way. This hot shade has a warming effect, like a sunset on the soul.
  • BLUE for harmony. A touch of blue soothes the mind and helps you see things clearly.
  • RED for vitality. This powerful shade is good for vibrancy and passion, and helps overcome depression.
  • GREEN for balance. A touch of green is good for balancing emotions, refreshing the spirit and soothing tired nerves.
  • PURPLE for serenity. Pick purple for good mental health and to heal nervous problems.
  • LAVENDER for equilibrium. A little lavender helps with spiritual healing.
  • GOLD for strength. Go for gold if you want to strengthen your body mind and spirit.
  • PINK for femininity. If you want to feel ultra-womanly, soft and sensual go for the ultimate girlie shade.

With the party season upon us, I thought that you might like to make a cream polish adventurous or match it to your skin tone, or you might want to ‘funk’ up the classic french manicure, or create a Colour Cocktail by colour layering with your favorite shade? 

Colour - Do’s and Don’t

  • Does metallic look good on toes?
  • When does red have the wrong effect?
  • What colours suit everyone?

Read on to find out all the answers…

Top Tip:

This is simple but essential – always apply a base-coat as this will maximise the wear of your polish. My Under Cover is a matt-finish base that ‘grips’ colour and hides imperfections.  It also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to condition the nails under your polish. The matt finish also tells you the right time to apply the first coat of colour – when it turns from shiny to matt it’s ready!



Do go for metallic on the toes. Metallic polish will look very glamorous on toes at a special event or a big night out.

Don’t rush the application if you decide to opt for a metallic shade as metallic do have a tendency to streak if you don’t allow enough time for the first coat to dry.

3 to try…

Golden Girl – malten gold metallic

Best Seller – red wine with silver sparkle

Jail Bird – deep rich green metallic



Do go for a stronger shade on dark skin, even try one with lots of white pigment in it. 

Don’t go for pale fleshy colours if skin is super pale - bare shades with vanilla or pink will be more flattering.

3 to try…

Stunning – pale pink cream

Cream De La Crème – vanilla cream

Starkers – palest, sheer white/pink  



Do wear a classy red for a fabulous look on fingers and/or toes.

Don’t ever allow your red to chip. Nothing looks worse than a chipped red polish; it totally ruins the classy effect.

3 to try

Viva La Diva – a sassy orange/red cream

Passion – a bordure wine

Provocative – classic red at its best


Cool Shades

Do wear cool tones that contrast with your skin tone, darker skins thend to suit cool tones more than pale skins.

Don’t choose tones that will drain away colour watch out for polish with pigment that is too pale. In particular stay away from salmon bases they don’t suit anyone and are horrible to apply.

3 to try…

Just Perfect – perfect pink apricot

Georgous Grape – metalic lavendar

Get Your Côte - bright and breezy blue

Hot For Pink

Do experiment with shocking pink. All girly girls love pink and if you want to try something different, go for shocking pink tips, this gives a perfect funky French effect.

Don’t pick a pink too close to your natural skin colour, if your skin has a very pinkie tone these shades are not for you.

3 to try…

Kiss Me Quick - a true bright pink

All About Me – a mid cream pink

Plush Pink – a rich pink cream


Subtle Shimmer or Sparkle

Do sport these tones on the beach to show off a tan or in the evening for a glamorous appearance or you might want to try a cream coloured polish with shimmer over the top to give them an extra sparkle by creating a colour cocktail. 
Don’t sport a gold shimmer with a reddish skin tone – it makes the look clash.

3 to try…

Sugar and Spice – cream with sparkle and shimmer

Butterfly Wings – nude peach with blue shimmer

Angel Dust – a clear with millions of silver sparkle particles


Brown and Bronze

Do decide on a brown or bronze shade if you want to go for the safe option, as these tend to suit everyone and can be carried off at any occasion. A colour that matches your skin tone will look best.
Don’t pick a pale brown shade colour that is too beige, as you will end up looking like you’ve overdone it with the cigarettes!

3 to try…

Bronzed Babe – shimmer tan

Chocoholic – cream milk chocolate

Forbidden Territory – rich dark chestnut



Do always remember to use base coat with dark pigmented polish so nails don’t stain.

Don’t be tempted to reapply more varnish over the top of chipped/old dark polish. The thickness will be clearly visible so always remove and start again.

3 to try…

Not Tonight – deppest cream brown

Rebel – deep rich metallic purple

Vamp – deepest red/black cream  


French Polish

Do opt for bright white tips if the fingernails are short to define and look sharp but always opt for a natural white if nails are longer.

Don’t put any type french on if nails are inconsistent in length and shape – this look will make it more obvious. Consistancy is key!

4 to try…

Pure Whitebright white tip

Natural White – ivory, off white tip

Diamond Rose – pink with iridescent shimmer

Stunning – classic french pink


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Top Tip:

All colours can be kept true to their shade and protected with the Leighton Denny super wet looking UV topcoat system TOP THAT!– it can be used with ‘ANY’ normal nail polish so you can use all of your favourite nail polish colours without the need to buy expensive gel polish. The results are amazing, giving you both a high-shine and a hard protective gel top coat that lasts up to 2 weeks with fast and easy removal.

So tell me…

1)    After reading this will you be trying a new nail shade?

2)    Do you stick to one staple nail shade? If so, what shade? 

3)    Have you tried my new TOP THAT! UV Topcoat System?

Thanks for reading my blog and please leave your comments below!