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Colour Therapy
Colour therapy is based on the colours of the different chakras located in the body. Some believe that doses of certain colours can balance chakras that have become out of line from illness or stress. Whether or not you believe it...
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Believe In Your #Selfie

The word ‘selfie’ has quickly become part of our daily speech. We often hear it on TV and Radio and I’m always seeing it on Instagram, twitter and facebook, etc…

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Seeing Red

Red nails are back on trend, if you ask me this staple nail shade never really goes out of style but have you ever stopped to think about how it all began? Who was it that sat down one day, looked at their nails and decided to paint them?  

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Sweet Smell Of Success

If you don’t know the difference between your top and heart notes or maybe fragrance doesn’t last on you but it does on a friend? Did you know that diet, skin type and climate can all effect fragrance? Read on to find out all the answers…

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New Season Hand & Nail Care

Autumn is almost upon us and that means winter is on the way so we will soon be feeling the dropping temperatures. It's this combination of cold weather and central heating that can wreak havoc with our hands and nails...

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