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  1. -34% 3 for 2 TOP THAT! Removal System

    The safe and simple way to remove your TOP THAT! Gel Topcoat from the comfort of your own home. Our specially formulated TOP THAT! 'REMOVE IT' gel polish remover ensures quick removal and comes with 50 fabric wraps to soak off your gel top coat. Quick, fuss-free and easy to use! This system is also a solution for difficult to remove 'normal' nail colours, such as very heavy glitters, etc.

    3 for the price of 2!  Save £12.50.

    See the complete TOP THAT! Range: Here

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  2. -17% Complete Walk-in-Wardrobe Collection

    This collection contains:

    Cashmere Sweater 12ml

    Kinky Boots 12ml

    Trench Coat 12ml

    Fedora 12ml

    Smoking Jacket 12ml

    Clutch Bag 12ml 

    >See individual shades

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  3. -50% Delightful EDP Spray 5ml


    Free UK P&P. 

    This fruity fragrance has an explosion of red fruits that makes your mouth water from the first hit...  With florals and a creamy base, the ah ping, blood orange, watermelon and red apple sit happily alongside delicate traces of jasmine and pink lotus, but there’s still more to come. There is the slightest scent of coconut but don't assume that you are looking at another “suntan” style fragrance.  What you actually get is a hint of coconut mixing beautifully with the musk and staying on your skin when everything else has faded. The vanilla gives a sweetness, but again it’s not at all overpowering.  
    Leighton said “I wanted to create a fragrance so juicy, you’ll want to squeeze it”, and he definitely has! 
    Top: Ah Ping, Blood Orange, Watermelon, Red Apple.
    Middle: Mirabilis Jasmine, Lotus Flower, Pink Violet
    Base: Sweet Musk, Cream Vanilla, Light Coconut Sorbet.

    Delightful 70ml >> Here.


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  4. -50% Desire Unisex EDP Spray 5ml

    Leighton's L&D Desire Unisex EDP now comes in a 5ml spray for easy application. Perfect to revive your fragrance throughout the day, the refillable spray is in a practical travel, try-me format that allows you to take your favourite LIGHT & DARK with you anywhere.

    A celebration of dark woods including vetivert, patchouli and cedar tempered with moss, amber and crisp spicy elements of pepper and nutmeg. Citrus top note of grapefruit, lemon and bergamot is warmed by a heart of neroli.

    "Wear my new Lively and Desire fragrances alone or layer together to create a third fragrance cocktail" - Leighton Denny. 

    LIGHT & DARK Desire: 

    Top: Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot.

    Middle: Neroli , Spicy Pepper , Nutmeg.

    Base: Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedar , Amber.

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  5. -21% Flight Club 12ml

    Glamorous Classic Red

    Join the VIP Flight Club with this universal-toned classic red.

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  6. -21% I'm In VIP 12ml

    Luxury Pastel Nude

    Say no more... this soft cream nude takes you to a destination where luxury is the norm.

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  7. -21% Jet-Setter 12ml

    A Deep Nautical Navy

    Take frequent flyer to a new level with this new classic shade of nautical navy.

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  8. -50% LD Cosmetic Pouch

    The perfect sized pouch to hold all your beauty favourites, this cosmetic bag features a secure top zip fastening with the LD signature pull tab. Lined with star fabric and embossed with a cosmic design, this soft structured waterproof beauty pouch is perfectly sized to fit all your daily nail and makeup essentials. 

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  9. -50% Lively Unisex EDP Spray 5ml

    Leighton's LIGHT & DARK Lively Unisex EDP now comes in a 5ml spray for easy application. Perfect to revive your fragrance throughout the day, the refillable spray is in a practical travel, try-me format that allows you to take your favourite LIGHT & DARK with you anywhere.

    "Wear my new Lively and Desire fragrances alone or layer together to create a third fragrance cocktail" - Leighton Denny.

    Sparkling citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit entwined with beautiful white florals and a warm spicy accord of nutmeg, ginger, pepper and cardamom. Base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, Vetivert, ambers and musk’s completes this aroma.

    LIGHT & DARK Lively:

    Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit, White Floral

    Midde: Nutmeg, Ginger, PeppersCardamom

    Base: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Musks.

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  10. -50% Original EDP Spray 5ml

    Leighton's LIGHT & DARK Original EDP now comes in a 5ml spray for a delicate and feminine application. Perfect to revive your fragrance throughout the day, the refillable spray is in a practical travel, try-me format that allows you to take LIGHT & DARK with you anywhere.

    A special blend including a fruity mixture of pepper, myrrh and incense, offers a warm welcoming unique fragrance, which can be worn day or night. With its heart of gardenia, jasmine, lily and rose, LIGHT & DARK Original triggers instincts of allure, attraction and desire, which is merged with top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, peach and white pepper to stimulate confidence and distinctiveness.

    “I wanted to create an Eau De Parfum with an edge but still have a provocative blend of femininity, it had to be a scent that women would love to wear and that men would adore on them. LIGHT & DARK Original is a powerful mood enhancer and the perfect tool for seduction” - Leighton Denny.

    LIGHT & DARK Original:

    Top: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Peach, White Pepper.

    Heart: Lily, Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose.

    Base: MyrrhPatchouli, Incense, Amber.

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  11. -14% Perfect Touch Collection

    Click the links beow for the individual product information: 

    L&D Original Hydrating Body Wash 100ml

    L&D Original Shimmering Body Creme 100ml 

    L&D Original Touch Up Solid EDP 15ml 

    LIP DUAL Ravishing Red 11ml 

    Individual RRP £50.50

    This collection can be shipped overseas. 

    See the complete LIGHT & DARK range: Here.


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  12. New-19% Renovate & Rejuvenate Hand & Nail Trio

    Click links below for individual product info:

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  13. -20% Rock My Gloss Base & Top Coat Duo
    (click links for individual products)
    Treats, protects and encourages growth.
    Gives a 'gel-look' effect and shine to any normal nail colour.
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  14. -21% Saturn Seduction 12ml

    Deep, dark and sexy red at it's best. 

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  15. -30% SB Accelerate Me Tan Booster 500ml
    Accelerate Me Tan Booster 500ml
    Prepare - Maximise - Soothe
    Maximise Your Natural Tanning Ability.
    Active Ingredients: Acetyl Tyrosine and Riboflavin.
    Helps Stimulate Melanin Poduction.
    Prepares Skin Prior, Whilst And After Sunbathing.
    Combined With Aloe Vera.
    Ideal for pale skin that burns and suffers from prickly heat and for darker skin tones that want a deeper suntan.  Accelerate Me 'tan boosting' gel leaves skin feeling hydrated and cool.  Apply twice a day for 10 days prior to tanning. When going in the sun, always remember to use a high factor sunscreen after applying the Accelerate Me. It's the perfect aftersun too! 
    See the complete Sun Believable range: Here.
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  16. -20% Small Crystal File Duo

    Two small crystal nail files & aluminium cases. 

    For all natural nail types - 25 year guarantee.

    Simply turns the nails to dust, makes filing fast and easy! 

    With the Crystal files you can file back and forth unlike many standard files. 

    It's unique surface seals the ends of the nails and helps prevent peeling and splitting.

    File Size: 135mm - both come with aluminium cases.

    RRP £25.00


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  17. -24% Smooth Operator Pedicure Duo

    Smooth Your Sole 'Foot File' & Crystal 'Foot Smoother'

    -The 3 step hard skin removal system

    'This technology works similar to nail buffing, removing the problem skin gradually in 3 steps helps prevent it returning and makes soles feel silky soft too.' - Leighton Denny. 

    - Step 1 & 2 'Foot File'
    Use when the feet are warm and still slightly damp after showing or soaking. Try: Sole Relief Foot Soak.
    First use the surface 'numbered 1' in circular movements concentrating on the heel, the ball and the sides of the foot to remove any thickened problem skin.
    Then use the surface 'numbered 2' to smooth all over the foot and further smooth the problem areas. 
    - Step 3 'Crystal Foot Smoother'
    Now perfect the sole/heel of the foot with the 'Crystal Foot Smoother' and this will also help prevent further hard skin build up.
    For best results always use the Crystal Foot Smoother in conjunction with the Smooth Your Sole Foot File to remove and smooth any problem dry area
    Perfect Partner: Well Heeled Foot Mask.
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  18. -31% Time Repair Trio

    NEW: Time Repair Trio with Time Code

    A collection of new treatments to combat the signs of ageing in hands and nails.

    Click the links below for individual products and more information: 

    Anti-ageing Nail Elixir -12ml.  Base coat treatment for nails that lack moisture and flexibility. 

    Anti-ageing Miracle Oil - 12ml.  Treatment oil to nourish whilst helping to improve the look of fine lines.

    Anti-ageing Hand Therapy 75ml - SPF 15.  A powerful anti-ageing complex to target mature hands.

    Packaged in the white LD gift box. 

    Individual RRP £36.00 - SAVE £10.00

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  19. -50% Unisex Discovery Duo (2x 5ml)
    The Unisex Fragrances
    Click the links for individual 5ml products:
    LIGHT & DARK Lively EDP opens with sparkling citrus notes (bergamot, lemon, grapefruit), with white florals scampering through the construction, warmed by a spicy accord of nutmeg, ginger, cardamom and pepper. As it mellows on the skin, elements of vetiver, amber and musk emerge, with the fragrance developing a shimmering warmth. The name LIGHT & DARK Desire EDP gives a clue to the sensuality of Leighton Denny‘s next creation: the citrus top notes of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot are softened by neroli, in what ultimately becomes a celebration of dark woods. Vetiver, patchouli and cedar are tempered by amber, moss, pepper and nutmeg, making for a scent that’s intriguing on its own – and becomes even more compelling when you create your own ‘signature’ by layering on one OVER the other.
    "Wear my new Lively and Desire fragrances alone or layer together to create a third fragrance cocktail" - Leighton Denny. 
    Collection Contains: 2x 5ml - Refillable Spray.  


    Learn More
  20. -21% Wanderlust 12ml

    A warm Luxurious Gold

    Escape to golden sands and complement sun-kissed skin with this warm glistening shade.

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  21. -21% Zero Gravity 12ml

    This light and creamy shade of grey will brighten up any gloomy day!

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