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Polish Partners & Removers

Polish Partners & Removers

Get What You Want From Your Polish...

Products to help improve the application, look, wear and drying time of your manicure.

Check out Treatment Regimes for Hydra-Flex, Bio-Build and other nail treatments.

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  1. New-19% *Remove & Renovate Kit

    Remove gel polish and renovate your nails!

    150ml (Acetone) Gel Polish Remover
    50x Removal Fabric Wraps
    10ml Renovate Nail Treatment & Buffer
    Save £4.50 + Free UK P&P! 
    This collection has all you need to prevent damaging your natural nails when removing UV gel polish at home and Renovate with the Duplex Buffer makes your natural nails look healthy and in tip-top condition in an instant. 
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  2. AS GOOD AS NEW is the clever way to get the most from your old nail polish right to the end of the bottle. 

    Everyone has a collection of half used bottles of polish in a drawer that have become too thick over time. 

    Add a few drops of AS GOOD AS NEW to old polish and you will be able to use it like new again!

    Can be used with 'any brand of polish' that has thickened up. 



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    With its beige tint, it works as a nude nail colour with all skin tones, it's just like foundation for nails. 

    Apply a thin coat to clean dry nails to use as a base coat.  

    For a natural 'nail colour' look you can apply 2 to 3 coats & finish with topcoat. 

    Masks imperfections
    Corrects but acts like a natural nail colour
    Fills ridges and works as a base for darker nail colours.  
    Marula Oil & Keratin helps care for nails while the product is drying. 
    Intensify with Bio Build or HydraFlex Regime Serums and don't forget Treatment Remover.
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  4. BIO-BUILD Treatment Serum 12ml

    Help fortify, refine and support weak nails.

    Check out the Bio-Build Treatment Trio.

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  5. Brightens, whitens and improves.

    Yellow nails are a fashion disaster.

    A quick coat of BRIGHT & WHITE will make them look fresher and whiter in seconds!

    Note: Bright & White glows under UV light.


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  6. Whiten, Brighten & Moisturise!

    The best-kept nails always look bright, white, pink and healthy.

    Help them stay that way with BRILLIANCE, a range of products created to whiten, brighten and improve nails.

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  7. CRYSTAL FINISH is a fast-drying top coat that creates a protective crystal-hard coating, protecting nail colour and help it last longer.

    All nail colours can be protected and kept true to their shade with my super wet look topcoat.

    CRYSTAL FINISH really does dry fast and helps keep colour looking good for longer. 

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  8. Double Up - 2 in 1 Base & Topcoat

    Achieve fast and lasting results with one product; a quick-drying formula that prepares nails for your Leighton Denny polish and seals in colour for a long-wearing manicure. Creates the perfect base coat for your nail polish and prevents chipping and peeling, whilst delivering a high gloss finish and long-wear topcoat. 

    Top Tip: Apply 2 coats to bare nails for a fast drying glass-like look in seconds!

    A product that does it all! It protects against staining of the nail and gives a glossy professional finish to any manicure.

    Just add Nail Colour

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  9. EASY PEEL 'Peel Off' Base Coat.

    Apply:  Add two coats to bare nails. Let dry until the film becomes transparent before applying your polish & topcoat.

    Remove: Gently push at the edges of the manicure until the polish easily peels away from your nail.

    "Makes all nail polish peelable - not just glitters!" - Leighton Denny. 

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  10. Hydrate, Strengthen & Condition

    An intensely moisturising and nourishing treatment. 

    Support nails with HYDRA-FLEX SERUM.

    9 Essential Oils and a compound of 7 active ingredients including Biotin, Liposomes and Rosehip Oil, hydrate and improve.

    The Serum is massaged into the nail and cuticle. It boosts moisture levels and leaves an invisible protective film to the nail surface.

    The nail should look and feel smoother and healthier immediately but repeated applications will bring best results.

    Check out the Hydra-Flex Treatment Trio.

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  11. In The Gloss - Plumping Topcoat.  
    Gives a 'gel-look' effect to any normal nail polish! 
    PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You want long-lasting, super glossy and plumped colour that shines like gel but with normal nail polish and easy removal
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    • A topcoat that will make any chosen nail polish shade matte.
    • Has sealing protection which helps protect nails from chipping.
    • With a transparent matte finish that leaves nails smooth.
    • The matte finish can be worn over any nail colour and should be applied after the base coat and nail colour has been left to dry naturally for 10 minutes
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  12. Nail Polish Dryer Speed drying at its best  Life's too short to put on hold while waiting for nail polish to dry. I developed MIRACLE DROPS to speed up drying time so polish dries in double quick time.

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  13. A handy way to dry nails quickly, anytime and place. Learn More
  14. For a perfect FRENCH MANICURE and tidy polish. 

    A great 3 in 1 product that not only tidies up stray nail polish mistakes, these are also the key tools for the easy way to create the perfect French Tips and Naked Moon Manicures.

    See more 'how-to' images. Here.

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  15. -20% Remove & Go Trio (3 x 60ml)

    Remove & Go Trio

    Polish remover that moisturises and strengthens nails.

    Combined with an innovative blend of essential ingredients to help keep nails in tip top condition. 

    No cotton wool pads are required - Just dip your finger in the pot and twist! 

    Formulated with Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Geranium and Cedar Wood. 

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  16. One coat strengthening treatment. Perfect if you want a strengthening treatment and base coat that protects & encourages nail growth for all nail types

    Expertly formulated to form a protective coating that instantly bonds to nails, rebuilding the top layer with fibres so nails look and feel restored.

    MY SECRET INGREDIENTS: Keratin, Silk fibres, Oyster Shell, Cellulose Fibres

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  17. The Future For Long Lasting Manicures...

    Using the latest technology, TOP THAT! transforms any normal nail polish into UV gel.


    8ml TOP THAT! UV Gel Topcoat

    50ml Cleanser.

    Perfect if you already have a LED/UV Lamp.

    Transform any ordinary polishes into an amazing high-shine gel look and a hard protective long-lasting layer.

    See complete the TOP THAT! range: HERE

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  18. The safe and simple way to remove your TOP THAT! Gel Topcoat from the comfort of your own home. Our specially formulated TOP THAT! 'REMOVE IT' gel polish remover ensures quick removal and comes with 50 fabric wraps to soak off your gel top coat. Quick, fuss-free and easy to use! This system is also a solution for difficult to remove 'normal' nail colours, such as very heavy glitters, etc.

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  19. UNDERCOVER is an innovative, matt-finish base coat that grips colour to help maximise wear and reduce chipping. Learn More

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