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Files & Implements

Files & Implements

Essential tools to keep nails, cuticles, heels and soles in perfect shape.

For more information about nail shapes, check out Leighton's blog: Here


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  1. This HOOF STICK is a double ended tool, with a rubber tip at one end and an angled scraper at the other. Learn More
  2. -20% *Small Crystal File Duo

    Two small crystal nail files & aluminium cases. 

    For all natural nail types - 25 year guarantee.

    Simply turns the nails to dust, makes filing fast and easy! 

    With the Crystal files you can file back and forth unlike many standard files. 

    It's unique surface seals the ends of the nails and helps prevent peeling and splitting.

    File Size: 135mm - both come with aluminium cases.

    RRP £25.00


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    Suitable for both natural and artificial nails. 

    4 in 1 File & Buffer does it all...

    1. File

    2. Smooth

    3. Buff

    4. Shine


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  4. Duo File 2 Pack

    Professional size nail files with two different filing surfaces. 

    One slightly coarser than the other to suit strong natural nails.

    180/240 grit.  

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  5. -24% Smooth Operator Pedicure Duo

    Smooth Your Sole 'Foot File' & Crystal 'Foot Smoother'

    -The 3 step hard skin removal system

    'This technology works similar to nail buffing, removing the problem skin gradually in 3 steps helps prevent it returning and makes soles feel silky soft too.' - Leighton Denny. 

    - Step 1 & 2 'Foot File'
    Use when the feet are warm and still slightly damp after showing or soaking. Try: Sole Relief Foot Soak.
    First use the surface 'numbered 1' in circular movements concentrating on the heel, the ball and the sides of the foot to remove any thickened problem skin.
    Then use the surface 'numbered 2' to smooth all over the foot and further smooth the problem areas. 
    - Step 3 'Crystal Foot Smoother'
    Now perfect the sole/heel of the foot with the 'Crystal Foot Smoother' and this will also help prevent further hard skin build up.
    For best results always use the Crystal Foot Smoother in conjunction with the Smooth Your Sole Foot File to remove and smooth any problem dry area
    Perfect Partner: Well Heeled Foot Mask.
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  6. For a perfect FRENCH MANICURE and tidy polish. 

    A great 3 in 1 product that not only tidies up stray nail polish mistakes, these are also the key tools for the easy way to create the perfect French Tips and Naked Moon Manicures.

    See more 'how-to' images. Here.

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  7. Everything you need to save and repair a broken nail.

    Broken nails are a thing of the past.  Fix It Fast is a quick and convenient way to repair a cracked nail in an instant, so they are ready to paint straight away!

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  8. SMOOTH YOUR SOLE is an easy to use professional double sided foot file.

    For the fast removal of thick, dry skin.

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  9. Perfect Polish, Easy French Tips & Naked Moon Manicures!

    Easy to use, and long lasting, Large Precision Brush.

    See more 'how-to' images: Here.



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  10. UNO files - 2 Pack 

    Professional size nail files with a fine surface suitable for use on weak nails.

    The file has the same 240 grit fine filing surface on both sides. 

    Suitable for weak nails



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  11. The 'Rolls Royce' of Nail Files

    Simply turns the nails to dust, makes filing fast and easy! 

    For All Natural Nail Types. 

    With the Crystal files you can file back and forth unlike many standard emery boards. 

    The surface of the file comes with a 25 year guarantee. 

    It's unique surface seals the ends of the nails and helps with peeling and splitting.

    The Crystal Nail File comes in an aluminium case.

    135 mm.

    Save 20% >>> Small Crystal File Duo

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  12. The TRIO 3in1 BUFFER remedies nail ridges.

    Transform dull looking, unhealthy nails in an instant. 

    Ridges on the nails don't look good on anyone and they are like 'nail wrinkles' and deepen with age.

    This 3 step nail buffer smoothes and shines to a 'glass-like' finish - It's like Botox for nails! 

    The TRIO BUFFER takes your nails from bumpy to smooth in moments.  


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