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Treatment Regimes

Treatment Regimes

These products can work fantastically when used alone but even better together as a treatment regime.

Check out: Treatment Regime Refills for individual products.

Confused Which Treament You Need?

For more information about each of the treatment regimes, check out Leighton's blog post: Here


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  1. Nails become stained from all sorts of causes - nail polish, tanning products and smoking are a few.

    Grooming and elegance comes from nails that look bright, white, healthy and attractive.

    Brilliance Trio Contains:

    12ml Brilliance Shield 

    12ml Brilliance Serum 

    50ml Brillaince Remover (Note link is 60ml)

    We also have Treatment Regimes for Weak, Dry & Brittle Nails.

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  2. Healthy nails are like a healthy body... hydrated and supple!

    HYDRA-FLEX Regime helps re-balance and re-hydrate damaged nails to promote a healthier, more youthful appearance. 

    Loss of moisture and flexibility means they can become brittle, crack and flake - it's a health spa for nails.


    12ml Hydra-Flex Shield

    12ml Hydra-Flex Serum 

    50ml Hydra-Flex Remover (Note link is 60ml)

    Top up on vital nail moisture and nourishment.

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  3. -31% Time Repair Trio

    NEW: Time Repair Trio with Time Code

    A collection of new treatments to combat the signs of ageing in hands and nails.

    Click the links below for individual products and more information: 

    Anti-ageing Nail Elixir -12ml.  Base coat treatment for nails that lack moisture and flexibility. 

    Anti-ageing Miracle Oil - 12ml.  Treatment oil to nourish whilst helping to improve the look of fine lines.

    Anti-ageing Hand Therapy 75ml - SPF 15.  A powerful anti-ageing complex to target mature hands.

    Packaged in the white LD gift box. 

    Individual RRP £36.00 - SAVE £10.00

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  4. INTENSE MANICURE OIL is an oasis for moisture starved hands.

    A luxurious and softening dry oil treatment.

    Hands and arms will feel softer and healthier, Leighton uses this as an all over body oil too!

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  5. -20% *Small Crystal File Duo

    Two small crystal nail files & aluminium cases. 

    For all natural nail types - 25 year guarantee.

    Simply turns the nails to dust, makes filing fast and easy! 

    With the Crystal files you can file back and forth unlike many standard files. 

    It's unique surface seals the ends of the nails and helps prevent peeling and splitting.

    File Size: 135mm - both come with aluminium cases.

    RRP £25.00


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