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  1. SOLE RELIEF is wonderfully soothing, softening and relaxing - the perfect first step for a Pristine Pedicure.

    A relaxing SOLE RELIEF soak will revive not only your feet but treat your soul too!

    Close your eyes, relax and breathe in the delicious scents of the essential oils and be transported to another place.   

    Contains: Lemon Grass, May Chang, Peppermint and Tea Tree Leaf to give your feet that ultimate pedicure experience.

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  2. Intense Pedicure Oil  

    An indulgent and softening, dry oil treatment. Feet will feel softer and smoother and look more attractive.  

    The oil relieves dryness and tightness in the skin, helping your feet to look and feel smoother. 

    Contains: Almond, Avocado, Lemon Grass, May Chang & Peppermint Oils. 

    Massage over the heels, sole, cuticles and nails to restore lost moisture and promote softness and suppleness.

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  3. SMOOTH YOUR SOLE is an easy to use professional double sided foot file.

    For the fast removal of thick, dry skin.

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  4. Instant moisture for dried-out nails & cuticles!

    SLICK TIPS OIL is like nail magic! 

    The non-sticky formula absorbs quickly leaving cuticles feeling soft, while enriching active ingredients and essential oils leave nails and cuticles feeling nourished.

    One application can keep your nails and cuticles hydrated for the whole day.  

    Dry, rough looking cuticles immediately look moisturised and healthier while dull, dry looking nails become instantly more attractive.

    Check out: SLICK TIPS PEN

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  5. Nail Illuminator is a low gloss clear coat treatment that instantly brightens dull and discoloured nails that have been stained by constant nail polish wear, poor health or dehydration. It provides suppleness to nails that are damaged or lack moisture. It's an instant concealer, hydration promoter, brightens, restores, the UV filter prevents discolouration.  Lime Tree extract, Vitamin E and Porcelain Flower treat the nails while it's drying.  Apply one coat as a base or two coats for an illuminated natural look.

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  6. The perfect sized pouch to hold all your beauty favourites, this cosmetic bag features a secure top zip fastening with the LD signature pull tab. Lined with star fabric and embossed with a cosmic design, this soft structured waterproof beauty pouch is perfectly sized to fit all your daily nail and makeup essentials. 

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  7. -20% Large Crystal File Duo

    Two large crystal nail files & aluminium cases. 

    For all natural nail types - 25 year guarantee.

    Simply turns the nails to dust, makes filing fast and easy! 

    With the Crystal files you can file back and forth unlike many standard files. 

    It's unique surface seals the ends of the nails and helps prevent peeling and splitting.

    File Size: 195mm - both come with aluminium cases.

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  8. Smooth Your Sole 'Foot File' & Crystal 'Foot Smoother'

    -The 3 step hard skin removal system

    'This technology works similar to nail buffing, removing the problem skin gradually in 3 steps helps prevent it returning and makes soles feel silky soft too.' - Leighton Denny. 

    - Step 1 & 2 'Foot File'
    Use when the feet are warm and still slightly damp after showing or soaking. Try: Sole Relief Foot Soak.
    First use the surface 'numbered 1' in circular movements concentrating on the heel, the ball and the sides of the foot to remove any thickened problem skin.
    Then use the surface 'numbered 2' to smooth all over the foot and further smooth the problem areas. 
    - Step 3 'Crystal Foot Smoother'
    Now perfect the sole/heel of the foot with the 'Crystal Foot Smoother' and this will also help prevent further hard skin build up.
    For best results always use the Crystal Foot Smoother in conjunction with the Smooth Your Sole Foot File to remove and smooth any problem dry area
    Perfect Partner: Well Heeled Foot Mask.
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  9. New 75ml tube!

    A soothing and nourishing cream that will leave your feet feeling fresh and soft.

    My Secret Ingredients:

    • Glycerine: Moisturising
    • Menthol: Cooling
    • Green Tea: Anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and anti-microbial
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  10. Well Heeled - Intensive Foot Masque

    New 150ml Masque includes the pedicure socks.

    A nourishing and exfoliating foot masque that leaves feet silky smooth.

    My Secret Ingredients:

    • Papaya and Pineapple extracts: gently remove dead skin cells
    • Glycerine: Hydrates and softens the skin
    • Olive & Grape Seed Oil: Provide nourishment for soft silky feet
    • Aloe Vera: Provides soothing after effect
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  11. This HOOF STICK is a double ended tool, with a rubber tip at one end and an angled scraper at the other. Learn More
  12. REMOVE & RECTIFY naturally dissolves dry cuticle skin then moisturises to improve softness and suppleness.

    Nails will never look good if the cuticles are in poor condition.

    Use REMOVE & RECTIFY every day to keep them soft and supple and use once a week in a manicure to maintain the shape and appearance of your cuticles.

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  13. New *NEW: Sole Rescue Balm 75ml

    A fast-acting intense moisture-rich balm to help eliminate rough and hardened skin on the feet.  Sole Rescue exfoliates and breaks down dry, thickened skin whilst smoothing and locking in the skin's natural oils, relieving the feet from the discomfort experienced from any build up.


    • Urea hydrates extremely dry skin and keeps moisture locked in.
    • Lactic Acid suitable for sensitive skin, lactic acid gently resurfaces and breaks down dead skin for a smooth silky finish.
    • Shea Butter boosts collagen & elasticity and promotes youthful looking feet.
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