Kiss Goodbye to Lack-Lustre Lips with Lip Dual.

A revolutionary 'two in one' lip colour system.

Lip Stain – the unique non-drying formula provides a veil of colour to your lips, the magnetic-like Stain creates an extremely fine layer of colour that stays in place until it’s removed. Special polymers fix the Stain to the lips, to leave a weightless and long-lasting colour.

Lipstick – the rich and creamy Lipstick provides a luxurious colour to your lips. Rich in antioxidants and ceramide-like ingredients the lips are protected against dehydration keeping them soft & supple. A blend of special waxes prevent the colour from melting & bleeding. 

Each Individual Lip Dual has been created by Leighton to match his popular nail colours.

FREE UK P&P £20+